Interiors Perspective
  • High-end Villas with state-of-the-art finishes.
  • Vaastu-compliant design in terms of orientation of plots, location of kitchen, pooja, master bedroom & water body, orientation of beds and toilets.
  • Spacious living spaces with ample light and ventilation.
  • Landscape integrated in design, with sky-lit courts at the lower levels and set-back areas treated to make effectively useful spaces that are a visual treat as well. At the II nd floor level, a large terrace garden makes for an inviting social space, featuring a meditation pool, barbeque pit, a reflexology walking track and a sleeping platform with mattress for star-gazing!
  • Representing a perfect blend of ancient tradition with modern science and architecture, a water body situated at the north-east corner of the Villa and around the pooja area brings about a calming influence adds to the serenity and splendour of the villa. A shallow pool for meditation in the terrace garden also serves as an ideal place to meditate and find your inner self.
  • Double-height volumes connect the lower and upper levels visually and spatially creating interesting spaces.
  • Open kitchen concept.
  • Covered utility which functions as the laundry area, with an open utility as a drying yard.
  • Master bedroom treated as a suite, with its own private seating area, a sky-lit winter court, luxurious bath/toilet and a separate walk-in wardrobe.
  • Recreation zone with a bar, gym and home theatre at the upper level opening out into the terrace garden.
  • Separate accommodation for servants with toilet.
  • Double car parking.
  • Energy-efficient details such as provision for solar water during day time in all rooms, rain -water harvesting an STP for the entire layout.

            Architectural Inspiration

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